Crown Point Country Historical Society

For nearly  50 years, The Crown Point Country Historical Society members have been collecting and filing information and images, researching family and business connections, and compiling an inventory of historical artifacts.

Chronicles of the lives of the peoples of the area include the oral, pictograph and petroglyphic histories of the Indigenous people, the oral, written and pictograph journals of European explorers and traders, and the oral, written, and photographic records of pioneer settlement by people from around the world.

Crown Point Country Museum

In 2010, a measure on the Multnomah Country ballot to help fund the Oregon Historical Society and the four East County museums passed with a wide margin. The Crown Point Country Historical Society was awarded a portion of this tax-payer funded initiative. After the award, a 2.69-acre parcel on the Historic Columbia River Highway in Corbett was selected for purchase and plans to build a museum/Interpretive Center to house and share the collection began. Meeting the requirements of the county, state, and federal agencies – construction of the museum has proceeded and installing the finished roof, siding and windows are the top priorities as we continue fund raising efforts.



Our President
Chuck Rollins – 503.695.5821

Our Treasurer
Sandy Cartisser – 503.695.5153

Our Secretary
Rebecca Gandy – 503.753.4267


Our Mailing Address
P.O. box 17, Bridal Veil, Oregon 97010



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