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Wasco Elder Ken Katchia Smith

Wasco Elder Ken Katchia Smith (Tuck’ush Winch Katchia) brings some of the history of the Wasco peoples of the Great River (Nch-I-Wana) into this video. He describes the Wasco Longhouse and the ways of his people in the thousands of years before contact. CPCHS will have a replica of...

Chuck Rollins – Logging Talk

Historian and CPCHS President Chuck Rollins explains two areas of our region’s past – the logging and lumbering industry, and the commercial fishing of all types along the Columbia River. Chuck has published one book about logging and his own experience as a logger, and is completing a second...

Gunnar Abramson – Nikkei History

Historian and college history teacher Gunnar Abramson profiles the Nikkei experience along the shores of the river. Along with the Japanese and their enterprises and agricultural settlements in the area, he explains their integration into a number of pursuits in our region.